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Your Home Move – Taking the anxiety and stress out of moving house

Buying and selling a house is always considered one of life’s most stressful events.

No matter your age or your circumstances moving home is fraught with key decisions, large amounts of money and deadlines.

It can be daunting and often people do not know where to start. The amount of work involved in a house move can cause a headache even for the most organised of people especially when everything must be fitted in to an already busy day-to-day life.

For downsizers, not only can the physical aspect of moving house be more of a challenge but there’s also the emotional upheaval to be considered. Sorting through 30, 40 or 50 years of personal possessions and memories can be an emotional roller coaster and it can be quite a mentally draining experience. Not only that, there are times when family and friends try to help but end up creating more problems, despite having the best of intentions.

                     “I have been helping people move home for over a decade and started Youcharicaturer Home Move to make moving house stress-free by organising, planning, implementing and guiding people through the moving process.” 

Every client is different – circumstances vary – and how they handle their situations means that no house move is identical. Ultimately there are some fundamentals in the moving process that always stay the same, but you need to be prepared for some curveballs along the way. Here are some top tips for a smooth and stress-free house move.

Plan – make a note of key dates and jobs you need to tackle before moving day so that nothing gets forgotten.

Decide – start sorting through your belongings as early as you can – this is the one job that people often put off but if you start sorting little by little the task won’t seem so daunting and you won’t end up taking a whole load of things that you don’t need or don’t work! Think practically about the size of your new home, what space will you have? Will you wear that outfit ever again?

The trickiest decisions often relate to personal possessions such as photos and nik naks. When deciding what to keep, try to limit the sentimentality and decide if you actually like the item and ask yourself if it is useful. If it is something inherited, are you keeping it because you think you should? Are they your memories or those of a relative? Do you need something physical to remind you of that particular person or moment?

Donate – think about giving items away to charity or to someone you know. My clients always feel better giving away the things they have spent good money on and it is less wasteful too.

Dispose – before you fill the car up and head off to the tip, could your trash be someone else’s treasure? You may be able to sell some items or give them away via local online Apps.

I come across many clients who think they have done a good job sorting out their belongings and when it comes to it, they have not been as ruthless as they think. If you have any boxes in your loft from a previous move that remain unopened, then you obviously don’t need what is inside, so it’s time to get rid of the contents!


Removals – try to get two or three quotes ahead of time so you can compare them. Consider if you would like to take up the packing service which will cost extra. Remember you can’t secure the removals until you have exchanged and have a completion date.

Change of address admin – don’t forget to tell everyone you are moving and read the meters. These days it is really easy to do this online for most things and it’s far quicker than being ‘on hold’.

So don’t be daunted when it’s time to move house.  As with everything in life, if you are prepared and organised you will enjoy a much smoother house move.  And if you simply cannot bear the thought or doing it all yourself, it may be time to ask for some help from friends and family or a trusted company like Your Home Move.

And one final tip for Moving Day……know where your kettle is at all times!  If it’s all becoming a bit much, it’s time to take a breather.  Pop on the kettle, find those teabags and mugs, treat yourself to a biscuit and give yourself a break.  You will have earned it.

For over a decade Suzanne has been helping individuals save time and alleviate stress when moving house, moving into care homes, sheltered accommodation, or downsizing to a smaller property.

Her remit at Your Home Move is vast and includes buying and selling property, sorting through personal possessions and confidential paperwork, taking items to charity or consigning them to auction, change of address administration, packing and unpacking and ensuring that every aspect of the move goes smoothly. You can find out more by calling 0203 903 9915 or emailing [email protected]


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